Developing a website

Developing a website is a great way to quantify your business. In many ways developing a website is the same as developing a business plan with out all those annoying figures. During the process of developing a website you will need to work closely with your web developer to identify and quantify exactly what your business does. So that your website will reflect what your business is actually about and present what you do to your visitors in the most professional manner.

To most business owners this process sounds daunting. However it can be an extremely liberating process because if you devote yourself to the process and you have an experienced web developer you will not only wind up with a professional website, you will also be clear about the direction your business is heading.

To help you get your new website up and running as quickly as possible spend some time thinking about and where possible write your responses to the list of questions below. To assist in the process of developing a website at Binaryone we provide a free 1 hour consultation to get you started. Use our contact page to send us a message and we will arrange a time for your free consultation.

Website questions

Questions About Ecommerce Sites.