The website design process

The first and most important step in the website design process is your ideas. Before you go to a web designer you should spend some time with a pen and paper or a word processor or both and layout what you want your website to look and feel like.

Write the text out in full that you want to become the pages of your site. After all no one knows what you want your site to say better than you. However at this stage it doesn’t matter if you get every sentence and paragraph structurally or grammatically correct. It is far more important to get your ideas on paper.

You will know you are close to being ready for your new site to be constructed when you have a clear picture of what your site should look like and feel like to use.

Only after you have gone over and over your ideas to hone them in to a clear picture of what you want your site to portray and you can’t think of any additional information you want to put on your website should you contact a web designer to show them what you have so that they can discuss your ideas.

To create a successful web site you will need

  • All of the designs and text documents described above.
  • The colors that you want to work with. Including text color, link color, background and foreground color.
  • Logo images.
  • All images that you want on your site.

Website design is a collaborative process between you and us

When you have gathered everything above together, then we need to have a discussion about your ideas for your website, so we can give you some feedback and suggest anything that you may need.

At that stage we can start to set up your web space and install the software to run your web site.

After the web space is prepared we will begin the process of editing the pages that you prepared above and checking that you are happy with the edits. Piece by piece we will put your site together.