Train Tracker

Train Tracker Business plans
Train Tracker Professional assists you to:  
Bullet Manage training across your entire organisation.  
Bullet Keep a record of all training undertaken by employees or contractors.  
Bullet Schedule required training to develop employee/contractor skills.  
Bullet Keep track of costs associated with training.  
Bullet Easily list employees with a specified qualification eg. List all employees/ contractors with a Senior First Aid Certificate.  
The ability to calculate the total cost of training for the company, a wage level or an individual allows you to focus your attention on the effectiveness of the training courses and the providers. This will assist you to spend your training dollar more effectively.  
Train Tracker will prepare your annual, monthly or quarterly training budgets with the click of a button, saving you time and enabling you to plan so that you stay within your budget.  
Locating a staff member with particular training or skill level is a breeze with Train Tracker. If you need a staff member for a job that requires a fork lift ticket or a First Aid Certificate select the course and then click the Courses report button and you will see listed all staff with the training you are looking for.  
Train Tracker will notify you of any employee’s qualifications or certificates that are about to expire so that you can organise the training for the staff before the employee’s qualifications or certificates expire. This will reduce down time and save money.  
You will be notified by Train Tracker in advance of training that has to be completed by your staff, and when it has to be completed by. This means that you will keep the staff training up-to-date and fulfill your legal obligations.  
Train Tracker Business plans
Note: If your browser has pop-up’s disabled you will have to enable pop-up’s to run Train Tracker.Pop-up’s need to be enable to run Train Tracker as Train Tracker runs in a secure window. Please enable pop-up’s on you browser. For help to enabling pop-up’s click here.