Google Analytics VS Awstats or Webalizer


The main advantages of log file analysis is that the data is already logged by your web server and not sent to a third party. Every transaction is recorded by the web server regardless of the visitors browser except where the cache is used. Also this data is directly on your server in a standard format so you don’t rely on a third party server to collect anything. Another advantage is that log files provide information about visits from search engines spiders and bots as well as failed requests which is very important if you want to optimize your website and fix thing like broken links or other errors that occur. Have a look at an example of the reports produced by Awstats and Webalizer.

Google Analytics plugin, Google Analytics, Analytics, Business analytics, Awstats, Webalizer, web analytics, data, Technological Approaches, collecting web analytics data, patterns of behaviour, JavaScript on each page, JavaScript, Log File Analysis, Log File, Log Files, web browser, ip address, visitors, visits, visitor behaviour, data collection, the server, the network, and bandwidth usage,The main advantages of page tagging is that the javascript is called every time the page is loaded if the javascript code with the Google Analytics key is embedded on the page and javascript is running on the browser. Fortunately there are plugins to help you with that process. So that you can track precisely your visitors behaviours even if they are loading the web pages locally from their cache. Javascript can also report on events which do not involve a request to the web server for example flash action script. Page tagging is satisfactory if you run ebusiness web sites, or if you need to track your visitors behaviour.


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