Fail2ban for the uninitiated.

Installing fail2ban.

Fail2ban can be downloaded from or if you use Ubuntu for your server you can go to the command line and enter

apt-get install fail2ban

and then fail2ban will be installed and started automatically for you. Many of the other linux distributions have there own way of installing fail2ban. So if you are not using ubuntu try the package manager on your operating system. There is also a version of fail2ban for windows servers.

Just like the rent-a-cop you will have to give fail2ban some instructions to tell it what to look for, what to ban, when and for how long. These instructions come in 3 parts which I will cover in detail later. For now install fail2ban, because fail2ban works for SSH and Apache as soon as you install and start it. So stop reading this article and install fail2ban and then return and we can continue.


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