Domain name registration

Domain name (website address) registration is similar to registering a business. However your website address is only one way that people will find your business online. So while the domain name you chose is important. If you are unable to get the exact name you want it is not a disaster.
Many businesses deliberately use an abbreviation of their business name to reduce the amount of typing that customers have to do when entering their domain name. For example our customer ABC Window Cleaning Specialists chose to use which is much shorter.
Choosing your domain name is not usually a difficult process. Most business register their business name with their chosen extension something like If your chosen domain name has been registered by someone else Binaryone can approach the person who registered it on your behalf to see if they will sell it to you. However in most cases it is cheaper and easer to chose a different, unregistered domain name. See FAQ�s about Domain Names page for more information.
Checking if the domain name is registered is equally as simple. Just go to our domain name look up page and enter the your chosen domain name to see if it is available.
When you have found a domain name that you are happy with contact binaryone and we will register your domain name for you.