Ultimate TinyMCE Switching between the visual and html editor

As seen on the wordpress forum…

Posted by allanit


When I switch between the visual and html editor the layout of the code in html editor goes to one line of code. If I switch back to the visual editor and then back to the html editor the layout is corrected.

Posted by Josh

I haven’t heard of this issue before. You might want to try the typical plugin routine to make sure it is not a plugin conflict.

Posted by allanit

Hi Josh

Turning off all the other plugins made this problem intermittent 🙁 Sorry I know this makes it worse.


Posted by Josh

Lol… yes, it does 😉

Let’s see…

Other than the options you have set for the buttons group one and the buttons group 2… go ahead and make sure all other options are NOT selected. This includes the options in the admin settings and the miscellaneous features.

Perhaps one of those options in the settings panel is interfering??

Posted by allanit

Hi Josh

I finally found time today to address the problem at the beginning of this thread. But something in the last two updates has fixed the problem in the Pages editor but not in the Posts editor.


Posted by josh

Hello Allan,

Okay. Let’s knock this out!

Can you post a link to a screenshot of the two instances you describe. One of the code in the pages… and another of the code in the posts.

Let me visually see what’s going on, and it should help.


Posted by allanit

Hi Josh
Here is the link to the two screen shots.

An image of the WordPress HTML editor displaying incorrectly.

An image of the WordPress HTML editor displaying correctly.

[Plugin: Ultimate TinyMCE] Table layout breaks with image. As on wordpress forum

From AllanIT

Hi Guys

This is a bit complicated to explain so I will tell you the steps to create the problem and see if others can recreate it and help to fix it.

1. Create a page
2. In Ultimate TinyMCE create a table 8 colums by 20 rows
3. Select colum 6 and 7 in row 4 down to row 10 so you have a box 2 colums by 7 rows
4. Then from the tables dropdown menu select merge cells.
5. Place an image 300w x 600h in the merge cells.
6. Then in row 4 select colum 1 to 4 and merge the cells
7. Repeat step 6. For rows 6, 8 and 10.
8. In row 4 colum 1 which now spans 4 colums put one word eg TinyMCE and give the merged cells a background color.
9. Then in rows 6, 8 and 10 add a paragraph of text so that in total you have more text than the image is high.
10. Then save the page and view the page in a browser.

If you get the same problem in the browser row 4 will match the height of the image. Strange huh? Any one know how to stop this from happening?



From Josh Lobe

Okay, I tried to replicate this… and aside from feeling like I was playing a tetris video game… I was unable to see what you are describing.

Perhaps you can link to a screenshot where I can see what you mean?