WordPress updates

Each time you login to your WordPress site you should check for updates and install them if there are any.

In general there are two types of updates. WordPress updates which include WordPress its self along with theme updates. The second type of updates and the ones you will see most often are plugin updates. WordPress will notify you when updates are available for both of these categories of updates when you log into the Dashboard of your site.

WordPress notifies you that updates are available by putting a red dot with the number of updates to be installed next to the Updates menu item which is in the Dashboard menu. Also WordPress notifies you when plugin updates are available by putting a red dot with the number of updates to be installed next to the Plugins menu item.

Wordpress updates

Each time you log in your WordPress site and updates are available to be installed you should follow the steps below to install the updates. Because Plugin updates are the most common updates you will see I will start with those.

  1. Plugin updates.
    1. Log in to the Dashboard of your site.
    2. If there is a read dot with a number of available updates go to Plugins> Installed plugins>
      1. Then towards the top of the Plugins page click on Update available. The page will change to show you only the available updates.
        1. Then select the checkbox at the top of the table of available updates next to the title plugin to select all of the available plugins.
        2. Next from the Bulk Actions dropdown list select the Update item.
          1. NOTE Be very careful to only select the Update item because if you select the wrong item you could Deactivate or worse Delete your plugins.
        3. Click the apply button and wait while WordPress downloads and installs the plugin updates for you. WordPress will show you the progress by updating the screen for you.
    3. When all plugin updates are installed you can continue with what you were doing.
  1. WordPress and WordPress theme updates.
    1. Log in to the Dashboard of your site.
    2. If there is a read dot with a number of available updates go to Dashboard> Updates>
      1. There are three sections where updates could be available on this screen.
        1. WordPress
          1. When a new version of WordPress is available you can chose from install now or download. Chose install now
        2. Plugins
          1. When there are plugins available to be updated you will see a list of available plugins. Select the ones you want to update (usually all) and click the install plugins button.
        3. Themes
          1. When a new version of your WordPress theme is available select the checkbox next to your theme and click the update theme button
    3. When everythig is up to date you can continue with what you were doing.

I hope this is helpful.

Update wordpress – WP Maintenance Mode – Internal Server Error – solution

The problem

After updating your WordPress and/or WP Maintenance Mode plugin your site is running normally for a period of time eg between 6 and 18 hours. Then at some random time all that any visitor is able to see is an Internal Server Error message. To anyone trying to get to your site, your site appears to be broken. For more information open the section on Server Side Errors in my article, Where to find Apache response codes and how to determine their meaning.

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[Plugin: Ultimate TinyMCE] Table layout breaks with image. As on wordpress forum

From AllanIT

Hi Guys

This is a bit complicated to explain so I will tell you the steps to create the problem and see if others can recreate it and help to fix it.

1. Create a page
2. In Ultimate TinyMCE create a table 8 colums by 20 rows
3. Select colum 6 and 7 in row 4 down to row 10 so you have a box 2 colums by 7 rows
4. Then from the tables dropdown menu select merge cells.
5. Place an image 300w x 600h in the merge cells.
6. Then in row 4 select colum 1 to 4 and merge the cells
7. Repeat step 6. For rows 6, 8 and 10.
8. In row 4 colum 1 which now spans 4 colums put one word eg TinyMCE and give the merged cells a background color.
9. Then in rows 6, 8 and 10 add a paragraph of text so that in total you have more text than the image is high.
10. Then save the page and view the page in a browser.

If you get the same problem in the browser row 4 will match the height of the image. Strange huh? Any one know how to stop this from happening?



From Josh Lobe

Okay, I tried to replicate this… and aside from feeling like I was playing a tetris video game… I was unable to see what you are describing.

Perhaps you can link to a screenshot where I can see what you mean?