Binaryone is a web development and web hosting company. We provide all the services your business needs to grow online, from domain names and web hosting to web design, email marketing and eCommerce. As with all Binaryone’s services, we offer simple solutions and training at a reasonable price to save you money.
Getting your business online is a snap with Binaryone – we will do all the complicated work for you. Register your domain, setup and configure your hosting package, install and configure all the software you need to have a successful website.
After Binaryone has installed and configured your software and set up some of the initial pages for you we will train you to use your new site so that you will be able to add your own content which will keep your costs down. Adding your own content and making changes yourself will also keep your site up to date and allow you to decide the direction your site will take, without the interference and expense of a programmer.
However you will not be on your own. If your site requires some additional work to achieve the look, feel or functionality that you want, Binaryone will be there to assist you.
There are four major components to your website package:
Training you to use your website successfully.
Domain name registration.
Website hosting.
Website development and software installation.

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