Additional Ubuntu Configuration.

Continued from Install Ubuntu 10.04 server for an installation of Virtualin, Webmin Usermin.

2.    Additional Ubuntu Configuration.
a.    After the server restarts login using the Username and password you created above EG: Administrator
i.    NOTE: For each command line instruction below you will have to add the prefix of “sudo”.
ii.    Or you can become the root user
(1)    By typing “sudo su”
(2)    Or enable the root user by typing “sudo passwd root”
(a)    Then enter the password for Administrator
(b)    Next provide a password for the root user when prompted and re-prompted.
(c)    Next, to switch to the root user enter “su root” then enter the password for the root user.
(3)    NOTE: enabling the root user is not recommended by the developers of Ubuntu. See

b.    Fail2ban.
i.    Fail2ban is not necessary (you do not have to install fail2ban to run webmin/virtualmin/usermin) however I always install fail2ban and then configure it after running and carrying out the post install configuration. I will give configuration instructions for fail2ban later in this tutorial. You can obtain more information about fail2ban at
ii.    To install fail2ban type “apt-get install fail2ban” at the command line
(1)    When prompted enter y and fail2ban will install.
c.    Update the server just to be sure all software is up to date
i.    At the command line type “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade”
ii.    When prompted enter y to install the updates
iii.    This can take a few minutes depending on the number of updates.


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