How to change the ‘Enter title here’ text in WordPress dynamically.

The best part is all you have to do is copy the text below and past it in to the functions.php file of your child theme and it is done. From then on the ‘Enter title here’ text will be dynamically replaced through WordPress with something like ‘Add New Customer Here’ Continue reading

Developing a website

Developing a website is a great way to quantify your business. In many ways developing a website is the same as developing a business plan with out all those annoying figures. During the process of developing a website you will … Continue reading

Should you kill or terminate a misbehaving process.

Have you ever had a linux process that was not running but when you try to start or restart the process nothing happens. You may find that you need to kill the process before you try to restart it because … Continue reading

Is My Blog Down for Everyone or Just Me Site Checker!

Have you ever tried to load your site or blog only to find it was down? Then you contact your service provider only for them to tell you that your site is up everything is running as normally. Your service … Continue reading

How to copy and save an image from a flash website.

Lets say there is an Adobe Flash website with an image that you want to show to your graphic artist. This image is the type of image you are after for your website. With a normal website you could just … Continue reading

Have your Jetpack and use Better WP Security too

Recently I started using Jetpack for amongst other things the Publicize feature. Publicize automatically share your site’s posts on a range of social media networks when you publish a new post. The time this saves makes Jetpack a worth while … Continue reading

Google Analytics VS Awstats or Webalizer

Analytics is the study and analysis of data that has been collected. In the case of web analytics that is easily achieved because of the extensive amount of data that is written to log files or sent to a third party server (in the case of Google Analytics) each time the server takes any relevant actions. Continue reading

Update wordpress – WP Maintenance Mode – Internal Server Error – solution

The problem After updating your WordPress and/or WP Maintenance Mode plugin your site is running normally for a period of time eg between 6 and 18 hours. Then at some random time all that any visitor is able to see … Continue reading

Fail2ban for the uninitiated.

What is fail2ban and why you should install it. In this day and age every web site owner or administrator is obsessed with improving the amount of traffic that flows to their site, even though little thought is given to … Continue reading

Where to find Apache response codes and how to determine their meaning.

Where to find Apache response codes and how to determine their meaning. In Virtualmin the job is much easer. After you have logged in to your Virtualmin console select Virtualmin> Logs and Reports> and then either select Apache Access Log or Apache Error Log and you will get a list of the last x number of records. Continue reading

Train Tracker Business plans

� Small Business Medium Business Large Business or Reseller * � � � � � � � Your own Sub Server Your own Sub Server Your own Sub Server � � � � � � � A full version of … Continue reading

Train Tracker

Train Tracker Professional assists you to:   Manage training across your entire organisation.   Keep a record of all training undertaken by employees or contractors.   Schedule required training to develop employee/contractor skills.   Keep track of costs associated with … Continue reading

Enabling Popups

The purpose of this page is to assist Train Tracker customers to enable popups however the information on this page will be relevant to anyone who wants to enable popups on their compter. The Problem When you click on the … Continue reading


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How to Fix “mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 131619 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072)” error on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Linux.

If you are trying to upload a file through WordPress or another content system to your web site and your website is running on Apache2/PHP5/mod_fcgid, and your browser displays the error: and in your Apaches error log you see something … Continue reading


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Link categories Submit your link below Thank you for submitting your link for our consideration. We try to get to the approval proses for links as soon as possible but sometimes it can take a while so please be patient. … Continue reading

Meet Us

Allan has a life time background in sales and more than thirty years experience in programming, and server configuration. Which makes Allan extremely well equipped to understand your needs for any application or web site. Contact Allan to develop an … Continue reading


From Wikipedia: Binary means composed of two pieces or two parts. One used in binary code along with 0. Binaryone is the joining of two words binary and one. Binary as in the computer language which consists of two parts … Continue reading


  Site Site + blog eCommerce Web hosting package:       24/7 access for you and your customers Virtualmin web hosting console Apache Access Log Apache Error Log MySql database editor PHP Configuration DNS Record Management AWstats Report Webalizer Report Bandwidth … Continue reading


Training you to use your website successfully.   When your site has been installed and configured by Binaryone we will spend time with you teaching you how to use your new website. The training will include simple but important skills … Continue reading


� It is essential that your website is hosted on a secure server that is connected to the internet 24/7 so that it is available to your customers whenever they choose to visit. 24/7 hosting also means that you will … Continue reading


Binaryone is a web development and web hosting company. We provide all the services your business needs to grow online, from domain names and web hosting to web design, email marketing and eCommerce. As with all Binaryone’s services, we offer … Continue reading


An eCommerce site incorporates a Site + Blog with a shopping cart which will allow your business to sell products or services online. Also your site will provide your visitors with a clear vision of your business through the pages … Continue reading

Site + Blog

A blog is a press release section of your website with information about your products, business, staff and events that have happened or are about to happen. The key to a successful blog about your business is to regularly provide … Continue reading


The Site Plan is for individuals or business who just want a static web site with a few pages that represent their online image. Usually people who want the Site Plan will have a Home Page, an About Page, a … Continue reading

FAQ’s – Domain Names

What is a domain name? In simple terms, a Domain Name is an address on the internet that allows your website to be found. Also known as a Web Address which points to your website. Similar to looking up a … Continue reading

Domain name registration

Domain name (website address) registration is similar to registering a business. However your website address is only one way that people will find your business online. So while the domain name you chose is important. If you are unable to … Continue reading


Get your business presence online easily, with all the features in a website that you require to have an effective and secure web presence. With an attractive Binaryone designed website your web presence will reflect your business image and will … Continue reading

Domain name lookup

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Additional Ubuntu Configuration.

Continued from Install Ubuntu 10.04 server for an installation of Virtualin, Webmin Usermin. 2.    Additional Ubuntu Configuration. a.    After the server restarts login using the Username and password you created above EG: Administrator i.    NOTE: For each command line instruction … Continue reading

Install Ubuntu 10.04 server for an installation of Virtualin, Webmin Usermin.

This tutorial shows the steps to install Ubuntu 10.04 server in preparation for an installation of Virtualin, Webmin and usermin. NOTE: I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you Basic assumptions. You have a CD with … Continue reading